Emerging Projects

Spatial Justice Strategist
2021 -

In addition to the projects listed on this website, some other projects that I’m also currently working on include:

India Basin Shoreline Park |San Francisco, CA
Adjacent to the NOW Hunters Point project, India Basin Shoreline Park is a project to redevelop and expand an existing shoreline park into a signature urban park, providing much needed and desired amenities and seeking to rectify historic inequities in the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood. In addition to the park development, there is an accompanying Equitable Development Plan that has been developed through a robust community process. The plan is rooted in the belief that unless a holistic address of historic harms and supporting of robust repair, the impact of the park on longstanding inequities will be limited at best.

Reimagine the Innerbelt |Akron, OH
Like far too many communities across the US, the Innerbelt was a freeway erected in the 1960s in the aftermath of the razing of a historic and vibrant African American community. A few years ago, the freeway was removed and there has been an ongoing conversation about the future of the site. Reimagine the Innerbelt is a reparative community engagement process to determine a future vision of the site, one that also makes space to hold the weight and the associated reckoning of the history of this place.

Museum of Fine Arts |Boston, MA
Over 150 years old, the Museum of Fine Arts is a storied institution in Boston and one of the largest museums in the world. As it takes stock of where it has been and where it wants to go, the MFA has been engaged in a dialog to understand what it would mean for it to me a more inclusive museum. This project has been a deep strategic dive to support that effort with a particular focus on the visitor experience.