Friendship Court

Charlottesville, VA
Designer, Social Innovation Strategist, Community Engagement Lead
2015 -

Friendship Court is a 40-year old low-income affordable housing complex in Charlottesville, VA. Although in good condition, it has never had a major renovation. That will change in 2019, when a major physical redevelopment begins to transform this isolated property into a mixed income neighborhood that is reconnected with adjacent neighborhoods.

Piedmont Housing Alliance and the design team have committed to creating a redevelopment strategy that has zero displacement during and after construction for the current 150 Section 8 households. They’re also creatively exploring ways to not only create a better home, but a better quality of life. The residents are partners in this process and have been participating in a human-centered engagement process that elicits their needs and desires to generate foundational and nuanced drivers for the redevelopment. The result ranges from strategies about how to embed a “ladder of affordable opportunity” concept into redevelopment to what onsite activations will help maintain engagement and prototype possibilities in the period between the master plan and ultimate redevelopment.