This Place Called Poetry

San Francisco, CA
WritersCorps (San Francisco Arts Commission)
Deanna Van Buren (FOURM design+build), Matthew Toon, Adrienne Acquino, Katherine Gin, Kjell Nordeson

This design build project was for the 15th Anniversary of WritersCorps at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery. The project was designed in conjunction with lead artists Katherine Gin & Kjell Nordenson and graphic designer Adrienne Aquino.

The exhibition design sought to celebrate WritersCorps and its mission by bringing visitors into the “space” of writing. The creation of this environment began the moment visitors entered the gallery. From an entry vestibule lined on two sides with tactile “walls of words” to the poetry listening and viewing stations within the gallery, writing became something that can be experienced in a multitude of ways including sight, touch and sound.

The final “room” of the exhibit was an interactive poetry wall, on which visitors were encouraged to become part of the exhibit by creating poetry themselves.