Over the years, Liz has written several articles and essays about her work, approach, and philosophies. The writings cover a diversity of topics including racial and spatial justice, equitable development, sustainability, empathy and human-centered design, placekeeping and placemaking, and power and privilege. Liz’s writings range from blog posts and short essays to long form articles and academic papers to standalone publications. The diverse forums in which her work have been featured include Next City, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, and the British Medical Journal.

Select Articles & Essays

Reconing and Repair in America’s Cities
US News & World Report | Spring 2022

On Topic: Cultural Leadership
Anchor Magazine | Spring 2021

Rediscovering Ground
Anchor Magazine | Spring 2020

Confronting power and privilege for inclusive, equitable, and healthy communities
British Medical Journal | April 2020

Using Our Words: The Language of Design for Equity
Impact Design Hub | July 6, 2015

When Good Intentions Aren’t Enough: Linking Intent to Impact
Next City (formerly Impact Design Hub) | March 2015

“Becoming Visible: Appropriating the Spaces of Apartheid South Africa”
Consuming Architecture | 2013

Lessons from the Marginalized: A Manifesto for Truly Public Architecture
Design for the Other 90%, Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum | 2007

Select Publications